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Contemp is a short horror story set in an old abandoned house, enter and see how it has been preserved and what you can find inside!

This game is the result of my specialization project as a computer graphics artist from Luleå Technical University. The production time of the game was 9 weeks with everything produced except sound and music.

The game also supports VR interaction but it is restricted just to walking around in the level. Supported VR is SteamVR (Vive) but also works using SteamVR emulators with a smartphone.

I really hope you will enjoy this short game and would love to hear any kind of feedback!

WASD - movement (walk front, left, back, right)
Mouse movement - Rotate camera / look around
Mouse left click - Interact and open doors
Mouse right click - Hold to zoom
E - Activate / pickup
F - Toggle flashlight on / off
Escape or M - open in-game pause-menu

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnreal Engine
Tagscontemp, Horror, Mystery, Short, student, Unreal Engine


Contemp_Win64_V1.0.1.zip 945 MB

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starts at 8:26

i loved this game, the graphics were amazing! it genuinely terrified me lol. just wish it was a bit longer 

INCREDIBLE experience. The atmosphere and audio design is what REALLY sells this game, along with the gorgeous graphics it displays as well. I know this is pretty old, but I do hope one day, maybe one day, some more gets added onto this because this deserves a full fleshed story! AMAZING

Loved it! Had Baker family vibes from Resident Evil 7 and Ioved that game so well done for that! Left me wanting more!

Great atmosphere and good graphics! Wish there was more lore though.

Really fun,

it being so short really gives an element of mystery!

Short, but very affective! This game has some great sound design to match it's nice graphics!

i loved this game! i revisited it recently after playing it on my channel almost a year ago. i wish there was a sequel! 

Amazing game for free! PLEASE check it out!!!!

This game gave me the creeps! The atmosphere was super creepy and all those little things that were happening freaked me out. Also really liked the attention to detail in the graphics! Such a good game! Great Job (: 

Je visite 2 maisons hantées... - YouTube

Bad horror. Not scary

Support the homie?

Everything everyone else said in the comments... the atmosphere/graphics…hence the title of my video. The Resident Evil 7 vibe…the intro to outro was smooth. Very immersive, I would love to see more

I play the game at 00:26. This game was actually stunning to look at. Not only that, but it's environment and atmosphere was really scary.  You should definitely build upon this game. Would love to see more.

Muy bueno me gusto

So happy this game is picking up steam it really is deserving of the attention, such a well made game and its scary as hell!!! Also use this as a chance to repost my video here if anyone is interested in that. 

Stay Safe Stay Positive 

Much Love 


I cannot believe how absolutely gorgeous this game was start to finish. It was short, but the detail was incredible. It reminded me a lot of Resident Evil 7, but I think there is so much potential here to create something unique. I hope you continue to make more games, and I can't wait to see more from you!

Played this on my Channel's Series called 3 SCARY GAMES! It's the 2nd game I played in the video starting at 8:00!

I just want to start by saying how amazing this game truly is! For being this short of an experience, I truly didn't want the game to end. The Visuals, Sound Design, Atmosphere, Pacing were perfect. Literally felt myself creeped out nearly the entire time. I also know this game probs isn't meant to be a full fledged game, which why there wasn't much to interact with, but everything was very pleasing to the eye. You have amazing potential for horror games and I really do hope you continue! Would love to see more work from you! :)

This game is beautiful (1st game) so wish it was longer! good job :)

(1 edit)

Very well done. Hope you got a good grade! 

A Stunning looking game with a great creepy vibe, Well done 

This games atmosphere was super cool! It was fun and definitely creepy. Thank you for the release!

Really enjoyed playing, the ambiance was really scary definitely gave me chills.

such a fun game!! this is one if the better atmospheres that i felt in a horror game and the graphics are really good as well! the only thing i wish was different was more story!

really loved this game, the environment and the atmosphere were brilliant, you didn't need jump scares in this because the atmosphere immersed you in so much it terrified me great game, gameplay above if you enjoy be sure to hit that sub button 

This made me cry to my mommy, mommy

she was kinda bad tho

Come here. It is safe in the Attic

Comments below clip;

Loved this game. The interiors, the atmosphere, the story, it all comes together seamlessly. You've got to play this, so you can emerge yourself into the depravity of the past.

Well done and kudos to all involved!



holy crap!! This game made me panic and freak out so much! The style was beautiful it looked visual amazing and felt really creepy! The whole thing came together so nicely and it felt like a horror game I’d pay for! This is a reaction compilation so it’s pro edited and 3 minutes long so if you wouldn’t mind, check it out! Love y’all!

I had a great time playing contemp! The horror was very immersive and atmospheric. On top of that, I thought the pacing of the game was perfect. Besides wishing that the game was longer I think it would also be interesting to have more objects to interact with and more lore that you could discover about the inhabitants of the house.

What's coming next?

nice game ⚡😍❤️ i play this game and 8 h latter must be uploaded on my channel

[Start at 09:22]

The game is short but quite terrifying!. The environment of this game is very well done. good job :D

Cool game

Good looking Project, always impresses me with some of these indie games being better than some of the mainstream horror.  Hope to see more.
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