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Contemp is a short horror story set in an old abandoned house, enter and see how it has been preserved and what you can find inside!

This game is the result of my specialization project as a computer graphics artist from Luleå Technical University. The production time of the game was 9 weeks with everything produced except sound and music.

The game also supports VR interaction but it is restricted just to walking around in the level. Supported VR is SteamVR (Vive) but also works using SteamVR emulators with a smartphone.

I really hope you will enjoy this short game and would love to hear any kind of feedback!

WASD - movement (walk front, left, back, right)
Mouse movement - Rotate camera / look around
Mouse left click - Interact and open doors
Mouse right click - Hold to zoom
E - Activate / pickup
F - Toggle flashlight on / off
Escape or M - open in-game pause-menu

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(294 total ratings)
Made withUnreal Engine
Tagscontemp, Horror, Mystery, Short, student, Unreal Engine


Contemp_Win64_V1.0.1.zip 945 MB

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I love the sense of freedom this game gives me. allowing me to play how I want to play.

The game's sense of scale is breathtaking. with vistas and landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see.

The community around this game is so welcoming and supportive. it really enhances the experience.

This game has a great sense of scale. with epic moments that leave me in awe.

I loved this game so much! I can't wait to play more!

The game's soundtrack is so beautiful, I often find myself listening to it outside of the game.

Hoping the developers keep up the good work

Can't wait to see what updates and developments are in store.

Kudos to the developers for creating such an enjoyable experience!

Even on my potato computer. I couldn't tear myself away from this game.

The music and sound effects really add to the immersive experience.

Gameplay BR

Nice game

anyone elses game crashes the first minute

The game runs for about a minute and than crashes. Anyone else experience this and find a solution? Really wanted to play this one as it looks so good.


Really interesting game. Great ambiance and classic horror vibes, Highly recommend

Very fun game!

loved the ambiance really well made game!


This was a great short horror game! enjoyed this =)

nice Game. Thank you for thats Game 


PajamaPug here!

Using my skills I expertly break into this house with the key I found, from there the chaos begins to unfold... slowly.
I hope you enjoy my video as much as I enjoyed the game, the graphics and ambience alone were a 10/10 for me, and the pacing was perfect for the finale too!!

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I'm 🗺 **|** <@1085383186109964398> I'm Brazilian and I made a video playing this game and I made a video playing this game

num nu

it runs for  a minute but then crashes. weird because i have an rtx 4090...


Same here. rtx 4070

Maybe the game need an update. 

the worst part of this is that as this is a demo and from what I noticed, the dev has been absent for a few years... Too bad it's just a small demo and not a complete game. What a waste. 😞

yeah, its a real shame. hopefully we'll find some other cool stuff though. 

Interesting.. I have RTX 1660 Ti and it goes smoothly with ultra graphics. Not a single crash. I played it on Windows 11 tho if the OS could be a problem.

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Contemp is a short horror story, as the dev says. And short it was indeed, I don't think it's a demo.

Ceritanya menarik walau keliling rumah kosong tapi pasti ada yang mau disampaikan, habistu apa yang terjadi pada ceweknya apakah bundir atau dibunuh.

no work  & crashed

funny little video about the game. it was really well made

Contemp: Pequeño juego de terror indie ambientado en una antigua casa abandonada, ¡Entra y descubre cómo se ha conservado y qué puedes encontrar en su interior!, muchas gracias por crear el juego, saludos a todos!!!!

في هذا الفيديو شخص سيطلب مني ان ادخل وابحث عن معلومات واسرار في بيت مسكون في غابه ولكن ساقابل اشياء اتمنى ان لا تحصل لك هناك امراه مجهوله في البيت ولكن هي شبح

I thought this was well done. Great attention to detail. I'm looking forward to more. Good job, keep it up

not a bad game, loved how it looks definitly is short but liked it! made a vid on it!

Good graphics...

Nice short resident evil 7 vibe horrorgame

المره دي بيت مسكون واخش اخد معلومات ادعوا لي | Contemp

this was really good, i enjoyed every second of it, felt like playing re7 all over again. 3rd vid in time stamp

great atmosphere but needs the scares 👍
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