A downloadable game for Windows

Contemp is a short horror story set in an old abandoned house, enter and see how it has been preserved and what you can find inside!

This game is the result of my specialization project as a computer graphics artist from Luleå Technical University. The production time of the game was 9 weeks with everything produced except sound and music.

The game also supports VR interaction but it is restricted just to walking around in the level. Supported VR is SteamVR (Vive) but also works using SteamVR emulators with a smartphone.

I really hope you will enjoy this short game and would love to hear any kind of feedback!

WASD - movement (walk front, left, back, right)
Mouse movement - Rotate camera / look around
Mouse left click - Interact and open doors
Mouse right click - Hold to zoom
E - Activate / pickup
F - Toggle flashlight on / off
Escape or M - open in-game pause-menu

Published May 19, 2017
Made withUnreal Engine
Tagscontemp, Horror, Mystery, Short, student, Unreal Engine


Contemp_Win64_V1.0.1.zip 945 MB

Development log


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This demo is twice as good as any full-release AAA title out there. Hope ya'll keep up the good work

1.Sin duda alguna es una de las mejores demos que he jugado!!!!


It's amazing!!

Are you planning to create a full version? I am really looking forward to it.

I've seen several youtubers play this and just love the environment. I'd love to see this get released on Mac so I can play it for myself.

This game looks astonishing! The ambience, the atmosphere, the tension, all well done. The only bad thing about it is that it's too short. There is no story, so I added my own :p

Amazing short HORROR GAME!!! Love the ambient and everything is very well detailed!

I had a lot of fun with the game. It crashed a few times but I was able to get a full playthrough. There was a lot of atmosphere and moments of tension, which I appreciate. I can't wait to see a full game! 

I kinda hoped that there was a bit more scares and story put into the game considering the game was leaning a bit more on the walking sim side of the horror genre. That said, I liked the game and how well polished it was for being a specialized project. 

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Very spooky atmosphere. Well done. Just wish it was longer, I had a lot of fun playing it! 

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I loved it, Kept me spooked all the way through, great job!!!!!

I really wish there were more heavy scares in this game, but I understand for it just being a tech demo in a way. I hope we see more from you. You got the looks down on what makes a scary atmosphere, now its time for some story! 

Hello ghost busters! I played this game where the suspense killed me throughout the entire thing! Ghosts are scary man! 

I'm having a problem with the game's visuals. At first, I see a path to a house, but as soon as I try to move the view, all goes black. I can hear my character walking, but can only see flashes of green and white light.

Nice Ambience , Nicely guided to the End where You Meet The Special One :)

This game had an amazing atmosphere and build up, it was very short however it was surprisingly fun to play!

This game 

Excellent short horror experience it was very scary!!

CRazY Scary ! very fun! Wish it cept going! 

I thought this game was really well done in the sense that as soon as it dropped me into its world I knew what was going on and what to do. It built up a lot of tension in such a short amount of time and the payoff was worth the wait. I enjoyed the subtle eerie scares this game presented rather than the typical in your face jump scares. Game starts at 29:30

I don't know what it was about this game but it really made me feel immersed and creeped out the whole time. The detail in the textures and everything looked really amazing. The lighting was perfect, the breathing animation could be lessened a bit though. I really wish you could do a longer more narrative/letter based game with the same atmosphere as this. Really, really great job!

This game was full on CREEPY! I had chills the whole time I was playing! Very well made. 

i liked the blur at far away areas, spoopy game 

Thia game was great! Short but sweet! I used it for a livestream and i loved it! 

Check it out if you wish! :D

make one like that but longer it was really awesome love it !!!

wow awesome more please lol 

For something so short, you really managed to get the feeling across in this game. The textures and general design of the game was very well done, and created a very creepy atmosphere. All round good game, you could easily expand on this to make a longer even better game one day.


hey not a bad game at all the atmosphere was incredible like there was a lot of tense build up but i felt it wasn't capitalized on enough visually this is very impressive reminds me sort of the new resident evil.but yeah i give this a solid 4/5 and hope you continue with the project 


as a Klingon it did not scare me would play again  good game...silent hill feel about it 

Your game is great. Nice sound and atmosphere! But a little to short. :D

Can't wait to see the full game! :)

Greetings from Germany :)

wow HITMAN 47  is playing a decent game :)

ya, and in the end the assassin was assassinated. ^^

Pretty cool game and i love the ambiance all it needed was a enemy that can actually hurt and were good to go :D 

The ambiance of the environment made it unsettling! So good and well done! Hope to see more on this game!

really good game. very atmospheric! love to see more keep up the good work


I. Love. This. Game.

If this becomes a full thing, I'd be one of the first to play it. Its amazing in so many ways, even though I hated the fear. (in a good way)

This game is super creepy and it scared me so much whenever the lights flashed on or when the door closes right behind me. It has an element of mystery as well when you're exploring the house and trying to figure out what happened and who lived here before it became abandoned. I recommend this game to anyone who loves to play horror games. Thank you for creating this game! 

Hello. Excelent horror game, with a great environment! Although it is so short, I loved it.

Excellent short horror experience such an unsettling build up all the way to the end loved it indie horror done right

This game was amazing! Awesome work, very spoopy.

I made a short 'lil video on your game. Please give it a look! Thanks! :)

I'm new to the YouTube gaming community. I have to say the visuals of this game are amazing and I enjoyed it overall! Thank you!

What's the minimum PC Spec requirements? (RAM,Processor)

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