A downloadable game for Windows

Contemp is a short horror story set in an old abandoned house, enter and see how it has been preserved and what you can find inside!

This game is the result of my specialization project as a computer graphics artist from Luleå Technical University. The production time of the game was 9 weeks with everything produced except sound and music.

The game also supports VR interaction but it is restricted just to walking around in the level. Supported VR is SteamVR (Vive) but also works using SteamVR emulators with a smartphone.

I really hope you will enjoy this short game and would love to hear any kind of feedback!

WASD - movement (walk front, left, back, right)
Mouse movement - Rotate camera / look around
Mouse left click - Interact and open doors
Mouse right click - Hold to zoom
E - Activate / pickup
F - Toggle flashlight on / off
Escape or M - open in-game pause-menu


Contemp_Win64_V1.0.1.zip 945 MB

Development log


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Atmospherically was a great short experience. It had some serious RE7 Vibes! 

Finally had a chance to check out your game and I will say... it have me quite a spook!

I was blown away by the atmosphere and vibe from this game. I had some serious RE7 vibes. Nice game! Played it last in my 3 Horror Games

This game looks INCREDIBLE.  You can tell the developer really knows what he is doing.  All the little graphical details are fantastic and the game play is really smooth.  The game had just the right amount of fright to give you the chills without being over the top.  I hope this is just a demo and it develops into something much larger!

Awesome job.

Revisited this game on my channel, it is still a good game and holds up very well.

My Gameplay

One of my favorite horror games on here!  Definitely the makings of a great horror game!




love this please check out my play through on YouTube :) 

u should make it into a full game, youd do very well with it.its awesome

Hey just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the game! Both graphic and sound design are crazy good.  Hope to see more games from you in the future.  Cheers!

This game looks amazing and for it being a one environment game, it was put together very nicely. 

Man, I would PAY for an extended version of this game. This game is AMAZING and had me feeling chills from beginning to end.  If it was longer, this would get a perfect score in my book.

Absolutely stunning graphics, intriguing and open-ended storyline, and fascinating manipulation of your surrounds come together flawlessly to morph into the experimental masterpiece that is Contemp. The curious twists are endless and entertaining, and we highly recommend immersing yourself this conceptual experience.

The look of this was AMAZING! Top quality work man!

im in love with the visuals of this game, would love to see more of it

I thought the VHS titles were hilarious. You should make HoboCop the game.

I love this game I really want more

Thanks for this game! Good luck

Great game, very unnerving. I really enjoyed this game and had this constant feeling of wanting to be let out. I'll link my gameplay below if you're interested.

Very well made game that I really enjoyed! I've also made a video on this, if you want to check it out!


Just like everyone has been saying, Completely Amazing! The visuals and ominous feeling you get while exploring this house are phenomenal. You can definitely see the hard work that went into the development of this game. And only 9 weeks? Just imagine spending a whole year on a project. Hope to play more of your products in the future!

Great work!


This game was amazing! The atmosphere was great and intense! The game left my hands sweaty and a little shakey. Thank You!


This game keeps you in flight mode all the time, there's no fight response. Really great ambiance.

Great atmosphere, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! I didn't want it to end!


I had a blast playing this. It was awesome! 


Really good... love the graphic and the Sounds.. 👍


great game!! I dont get scared very often but the enviroment and sounds got me really good it was great!, Did you create all the models yourself? Video Starts @0:39


Hello Dev and everyone else reading,

I have to say this game looks really beautiful. It's a creepy atmosphere and the suspense in this game is real.. but damn it looks good. 
I've recorded my gameplay and made a cool video of it.

Video Link : 

I hope you enjoy it, Let me know if you did. Feedback is also welcome of course! 
Be sure to hit that subscribe button because i am trying to reach the 300 subscriber milestone! :D 

Thank you for your time and i wish you a awesome day!

Youtube : LetsplaywithPerry

Simple in gameplay but effective, beautiful graphics too, really well done!

Really like the atmosphere in the house, very creepy.

Really nice, solid build. As a demo, it stands up really well and looks great. The story and world building would need to be fleshed out for a full release. That's something I would love to see one day.

I played this game, and liked it!

I recorded and there's a glitch on final?


I enjoyed my time with the game and it absolutely spooked me! But I think I might've missed some of the visual elements because I really don't understand what happened in the house and what happened to her. Plus the head bobbing/camera wobbling got on my nerves. However, this is a neat game. I'm too much of a coward to explore abandoned buildings so it's nice to be able to do so in a game c:

Heyo Played your game! It starts at 00:36

I love it, the graphic was great, the house was awesome. the atmosphere was there, the horror, good horror game, because it doesn't rely on cheap jumpscares, it's fully atmospheric. I love it. you should try to create  a walking simulator game with a deep story, actually... walking simulator or horror puzzle about the history of this house.

Hello! I'd love to offer my services to your team if possible, I can't find a way to contact you however I'm a pro voice actor and writer for over 20+ video games including survival horror games 'PROJECT NIGHTMARES' and 'Today is my Birthday' and more. https://www.igdb.com/pro/96 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDVT8emSZq4hUkQtsw93S5UpeDBz3plpE

I'd love to work with your team if possible; email me at bbwatts8792@gmail.com or contact me directly. :) 


Hello! I love this game. I've played it a while ago but just recently replayed it and fell in love all over again. I played it as part of my "3 scary games" video so feel free to take a look and let me know what you thought =) 

hope you can one day make a living simulator cuz the house was kinda aesthetic and soothing. i would love to escape to that world <3


This game is still so so good! The sound effects throughout are excellent! What an experience 😅😰 

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