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You did really well with this one! The environment was great, but you know that already :P

I thought the story left A LOT to be desired, but considering you were only planning on a tech demo of the environment, I'm very grateful you decided to add a little gameplay into the mix, too! I hope you revisit the premise and flesh it out a bit, it's quite good. Cheers to you.

Lumps Plays = Pop up commentary?! Wtf is that?! Give it a shot, you'll like it :P

good horror game

What's up everyone? My name is Slester, so i played the game and all i can say is 10/10 for spook man. Here is my gameplay i hope you enjoy it! 

Thanks for sharing Slester :)

Contemp is short but scary. Graphics look very nice for a free game!

Thanks for the comment WilburSprinkle! :)

Very cool! Would like to play in a longer project!

Thanks MatrixEnzo! :) We'll see where this game ends!

this gave me a spook 10/10

Fun hearing that you enjoyed it Saucy iguana7! :)

Very cool and full of tension. Did you make the assets yourself within the 9 weeks?

Thanks for the comment pickledraws :) Yeah all the assets and level creation was made during these 9 weeks :)

Really impressive, even if it feels a little slight on gameplay and plot. Nicely done.


Thanks for the comment Mister and the feedback will consider this in the future and appreciate it! :)

After this experience, The Worlds Greatest Paranormal Activity Investigator is now presumed dead :/


Thanks for sharing Blootrix! :) Might be somewhat dead yeah..


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This was a really atmospheric and well put together indie horror. Short and sweet, well worth checking out.

Thanks for the comment and sharing the experience SuperHorrorBros! :)

Was legitimately terrified going through that house, awesome atmosphere and I wish more horror games were like this instead of relying more on jumpscares. 

Thanks SocksyFranny! :) appreciate the feedback! :)

Fantastic Game! The Atmosphere was perfect, which is something that I feel that most games don't get right anymore. Much like 99% of posters here I did aa let's play as well, but I don't want to focus on that.

What I want to ask is have you considered making a large scale game? It doesn't have to be connected to this in anyway, but I feel you could do a big game right! As for funding, if you had aa kick starter I know I'd donate and I'd tell everyone else to donate to this as well!


Thanks for the feedback wolpht! :)
Yeah we'll see where the game ends, would lvoe to work more on it so i appreciate the comment! :)

This game was an excellent horror game!! I really loved the sounds that were used in this game which was the reason for all my fear and jump scares. I love the graphics very detailed!! Great game :) If anyone wants to check out my Lets Play of Contemp i'll put the video down below. I hope you enjoy it and decide to subscribe :) 

Thanks for the comment BMC-UNIT! :) fun seeing you share the experience!

I had fun playing it!! :) 

I haven't played many horror games but this was a very good game.  But, I absolutely LOVED it.  Can't wait to see more :)

Thanks for the comment aadonald55! :)

his has to be in the top 3 indie horror games I have played...I can't even explain what was so frightening about the game. It hit me on a subconscious level and that is superb. This is a must play game for any fan of indie horror. I am blown away by just how amazing it was...need moar NOW!!

Thanks for the comment Awesomnessticity! :)

Hey! I made a video of your game and let me say, it gave me AALLL the spooks and goofs, keep up the great work

Thanks for the comment and sharing Sir Xuganaught! :)

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Hey just played the game and what caught my attention was the level design. Apart from the fact that there are moths flying around an unlit light, I really loved the ambience of the house and the overall level design. I also liked the audio design, nothing on the face, no scary background music, very subtle audio effects! 

The only negative feedback I have are two. One, the game is not at all optimized and does not run very well AT ALL on a medium specs PC. Second, i would have def liked more of the scary factor! Nice touch with the photo changing ,one  next to the phone.

I hope my feedback helps! Cheers XD  

Thanks for the comment sourabhamigi! :)
Appreciate the feedback and consider it in the future :)

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Hey, this really looked like a resident evil type game, loved it, great work! I looked through some of the videos on here hardly anyone noticed the monster standing in the door haha!

Thanks for the comment NZBEASTNODE! :)
Fun seeing you share the experience :)

This game had an awesome atmosphere! I was constantly on edge and fearing what was around the corner!

Thanks for the comment Pecanyoutube! :)


Pretty solid little experience. Short and sweet. I just wish there was a little more to do around the house.

Fun for sharing the exerience CjuGames! :) We'll see where the game goes :)

This was great! I would love to see a more fleshed out version with interactables in there. Also - fantastic asset work! Easily triple A standard!

Here is my playthrough:

Thanks for the comment Powerfool! :)
We'll see how far the game project goes! :)

Good job man! I really commend you for your work, especially since you've done this all by yourself :D Creepy atmosphere and really nice visual and sound design, this can easily be a winner game!

I made a video playing it: 

if you want to check, my suggestion would be to put some puzzle or strategy elements to give it something unique, best of luck for the full release, cheers!

Thanks for the comment Clown Nebula! :)
Appreciate the feedback and fun seeing you share the experience! :)

This game was so well made! The textures made it feel so much like a aaa title and the spooks were amazing. I also loved the ending of this one, Job well done!!!

Thanks for sharing jdotplay! :) Appreciate the comment!

Not a bad little game! The graphics were pretty damn nice, but for the Unreal Engine I wouldn't expect any less. Still to say this is a handcrafted game I've gotta give you props for that. I just wish it didn't remind me so much of the house from Resident Evil 7.

Thanks for the comment MADGaming! :)

*Rurr* Hello Everyone! Well, to start things off, I'm always quite critical of 'P.T. Clones' and I'd argue that I get the vibes of RE7 and P.T. from this, but given that it was just more or less a 'Demo' or, Tech demo for resume-like purposes? I gave it a bit more freedom and be less critical, that and it being 9 weeks of development - was very atmospheric, the only thing it was missing was originality under the prospect of its own world, lore, story and such - still, a fun experience!

Thanks for the comment Neco The Sergal! :)
appreciate the feedback and it helps! :)

Отличный и атмосферный инди-хоррор заставляющий пробегать мурашки по спине.

Смотри сам: 

Thanks for sharing the experience Denchik F :)


Deleted post

Thanks JB! :) Appreciate the comment and fun seeing you share the experience :)

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I just created an account with so I could leave a comment. Thought this was fantastic. Would absolutely love to see it expanded.

Oh nice! I really appreciate that :) We'll see where the game goes!

This was good, I like short horror experiences.  I never did understand what the radio was for? If anything.  But it was fun, and I'd like to see more like this, nice work.

That's awesome, thanks :) Yeah as mentioned it is mystery tunes

Pretty good game! I chose it as the first horror title to play on my channel. Overall the game was a bit short, but what was there was really good. I've love to see a longer version. 

Thanks a lot, we'll see where it ends :)

Excellent game! Great Atmosphere!

I created a video of my journey through this game

Channel: FuryFight3r

Thanks a lot :)

Your more than welcome! it was a plesure playing, cant wait for it to be expanded!

This was a great game! I really enjoyed it. I recorded it as well! :D

Fun your sharing the experience, appreciate it! :)

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As a tech demo,10/10 no kidding

As a complete game,6.5/10 sorry. the game needs more content.

Thanks a lot raph22, yeah its pretty short on story and content :)


I notice a lot of comments that simply plug their channels and post. I don't exactly agree with that, though I am technically plugging my channel.

I loved the game! The atmosphere was spot on and the ambiance really pulled me into the game, almost the same as Outlast or Amnesia. The map was gorgeous and the animations were fantastic. I was made to panic when the lighting changed, or certain events happened (won't say what, don't want to spoil it for others.) I have a small issue to add though. In the house at the base of the staircase, there's a bit of a lighting issue. The lighting is too harsh and my game lagged like crazy (my PC can handle 98% of games at max settings, so this was odd to me.)

Loved the game, hope to see a lot more in the future!

Thanks a lot Gizmode, I will try look into that lighting issue :)

Very nice! I got a really good scare outta this! 

That's awesome to see, thanks!

10/10 Great horror game! 

Thanks a lot cmodplays! :)

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The game had a nice build up in its atmosphere and never really relied on jump scares to scare the player, just a tense and suspenseful atmosphere. Had a strong RE7 vibe to it (at least to me), It was great! 

Thanks Famed Killjoy! :) Yeah that was one of the main references when working with it so it is a good compliment! :)

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I liked this game, it appears to be well built and a good element of scare involved. I would like to see more if you continue this. 5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Thanks alot Felloplayer, appreciate the comment :)

Please keep working on this game. Awesome. :)

We'll see how it ends, thanks for sharing! :)

This game was pretty good i hope to see more from it!

That's awesome, thanks for sharing! :)

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