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Contemp was a short, but very well done teaser that leaves us wanting MORE! The ambience and atmosphere in the game is spot on, the graphics, and lighting, beautiful - something that seems to missing from a lot of other games published both on ITCH and STEAM respectively. Honestly, I think that while this was a university project/learning experience, the game is wonderful, and the pacing brilliant. I highly recommend this game to any fans of the horror/walking sim/indie game genre! 

@Micaka is defintely a developer to keep your eyes out for in the future!!

The game is amazing but and a big Butt is that lag in the game ? because I sure that my computer is strong by the way I am frome Egypt thats way I am talking arabic and I realy liked the game but and big butt the game is short good work with the grafic GOOD GAME !!!!!

The game is amazing but and a big Butt is that lag in the game ? because I sure that my computer is strong by the way I am frome Egypt thats way I am talking arabic and I realy liked the game but and big butt the game is short good work with the grafic GOOD GAME !!!!!

Awesome Game!  Definitely excited about the full release!


Played Contemp and I really enjoyed it! If you are on the verge to download this game and want to watch videos before you do so check out my video down below!

YouTube Channel: JonathickTV (Subscribe for VR gaming, and horror/indie games)

Hope you all enjoy and hope to see you around in the comments!!

Great game! Very clean and polished, could really see this being a full game. 

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I did a Let's Play and I hope it would serve as a feedback of some sort for you. :)

Your game kept me on the edge of my seat for the whole duration, really looking forward to more of your releases in the future if possible. Kudos! 

Hey, I really enjoyed your game! I made a LP video on it if you're interested in checking it out.

I think the game looks visually stunning and you did a superb job on the whole environment! 

I think there is HUGE potential to make something bigger out of this in the future. Well done man! :)

I LOVE short little horror games like this, even though they frighten me! Keep up the good work <3

This was a super cool game and i would love to see more horror games like this 

Nice! It's awesome! You are doing a great job!

that was scary!

It's a really nice short game! Lots of potential that rivals Resident Evil 7. Please keep working on it and hope to see it on Steam!

this game REALLY kept me on edge, very well done and looks great. love what you have done.

This game is really well done! I really enjoyed how scary this was!

Fantastic work! Your art skills really shined :) 

You definitely have to try this game.

You should continue working on the game and releasing it to Steam Direct

This is easily AAA material

Also what engine was this made with?

Going through the binaries files, the CrashReportClient.exe file has an Unreal Engine 4 logo :)

Truly Amazing!

I have played a lot of horror games. This one was the best 20 minutes in a free horror game that i have ever spent! Looks fantastic, runs well and the audio was shiwering my spine. Goddamn i was freaking out when i was trapped in that closet! :D I definitely want more of this!

This game is simply amazing. I loved it! [=

Probably one of the most visually stunning indie horror games I have played thus far. I love the ambiance that the game creates and the build is perfect. I wish there was more to it, but what it has is extremely well done! I hope you enjoy the video!

It was one of the best experience I had in a game.

And it's actually the first horror game of this subgenre that I've done without leaving the game because I was scared, I was astonished by the ambiance and the amount of work that was put.

Wow! I found myself only a few minutes into the game, pushing down onto my CNTRL key because I was so terrified! Great job, keep it up!

A Short game, but REALLY well made! I am a fan!

You did really well with this one! The environment was great, but you know that already :P

I thought the story left A LOT to be desired, but considering you were only planning on a tech demo of the environment, I'm very grateful you decided to add a little gameplay into the mix, too! I hope you revisit the premise and flesh it out a bit, it's quite good. Cheers to you.

Lumps Plays = Pop up commentary?! Wtf is that?! Give it a shot, you'll like it :P

good horror game

What's up everyone? My name is Slester, so i played the game and all i can say is 10/10 for spook man. Here is my gameplay i hope you enjoy it! 

Thanks for sharing Slester :)

Contemp is short but scary. Graphics look very nice for a free game!

Thanks for the comment WilburSprinkle! :)

Very cool! Would like to play in a longer project!

Thanks MatrixEnzo! :) We'll see where this game ends!

this gave me a spook 10/10

Fun hearing that you enjoyed it Saucy iguana7! :)

Very cool and full of tension. Did you make the assets yourself within the 9 weeks?

Thanks for the comment pickledraws :) Yeah all the assets and level creation was made during these 9 weeks :)

Really impressive, even if it feels a little slight on gameplay and plot. Nicely done.


Thanks for the comment Mister and the feedback will consider this in the future and appreciate it! :)

After this experience, The Worlds Greatest Paranormal Activity Investigator is now presumed dead :/


Thanks for sharing Blootrix! :) Might be somewhat dead yeah..


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This was a really atmospheric and well put together indie horror. Short and sweet, well worth checking out.

Thanks for the comment and sharing the experience SuperHorrorBros! :)

Was legitimately terrified going through that house, awesome atmosphere and I wish more horror games were like this instead of relying more on jumpscares. 

Thanks SocksyFranny! :) appreciate the feedback! :)

Fantastic Game! The Atmosphere was perfect, which is something that I feel that most games don't get right anymore. Much like 99% of posters here I did aa let's play as well, but I don't want to focus on that.

What I want to ask is have you considered making a large scale game? It doesn't have to be connected to this in anyway, but I feel you could do a big game right! As for funding, if you had aa kick starter I know I'd donate and I'd tell everyone else to donate to this as well!


Thanks for the feedback wolpht! :)
Yeah we'll see where the game ends, would lvoe to work more on it so i appreciate the comment! :)

This game was an excellent horror game!! I really loved the sounds that were used in this game which was the reason for all my fear and jump scares. I love the graphics very detailed!! Great game :) If anyone wants to check out my Lets Play of Contemp i'll put the video down below. I hope you enjoy it and decide to subscribe :) 

Thanks for the comment BMC-UNIT! :) fun seeing you share the experience!

I had fun playing it!! :) 

I haven't played many horror games but this was a very good game.  But, I absolutely LOVED it.  Can't wait to see more :)

Thanks for the comment aadonald55! :)

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