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Pretty cool game and i love the ambiance all it needed was a enemy that can actually hurt and were good to go :D 

The ambiance of the environment made it unsettling! So good and well done! Hope to see more on this game!

really good game. very atmospheric! love to see more keep up the good work


I. Love. This. Game.

If this becomes a full thing, I'd be one of the first to play it. Its amazing in so many ways, even though I hated the fear. (in a good way)

This game is super creepy and it scared me so much whenever the lights flashed on or when the door closes right behind me. It has an element of mystery as well when you're exploring the house and trying to figure out what happened and who lived here before it became abandoned. I recommend this game to anyone who loves to play horror games. Thank you for creating this game! 

Hello. Excelent horror game, with a great environment! Although it is so short, I loved it.

Excellent short horror experience such an unsettling build up all the way to the end loved it indie horror done right

This game was amazing! Awesome work, very spoopy.

I made a short 'lil video on your game. Please give it a look! Thanks! :)

I'm new to the YouTube gaming community. I have to say the visuals of this game are amazing and I enjoyed it overall! Thank you!

What's the minimum PC Spec requirements? (RAM,Processor)

Played this freaky game on my channel! It was the best! Funny moments here:

A really good game. We enjoyed playing it very much.

The atmosphere was so creepy.

Here is a short video we made:

Keep up the good work!!!

creepy game! Very much recommend 

Very nice game! Thanks for making a fun game

very nice !!!!!

Gave me chills all the way till the end HAHAHAHA !!!!

Wow, this game is very graphically pleasing, and the atmosphere was a really nice touch too. It's a pretty creepy game, and I think you have something very good here, only wish it were longer. Haha

Man this game was scary as hell. Great job on this game man. Can't wait to see more.

Really enjoyed playing this, It was awesome! 

I'm terrible with horror things. This creeped me out so much more than I was expecting. 


For a university project I was pretty impressed! :) Great Job!

Hey! i played you game for my channel 

This game is scary and intense as hell watch me crap my pants playing it here !

Gave it a shot! pretty fun for what it is!

I pooped a little

Awesomely creepy game, hope to see more from the devs!

Love the graphics of this game had computer problems at the time so had to "improvise" my own ending hope you don't mind ;)

Seriously fantastic horror game! outstanding visuals with a brilliant chilling atmosphere, i was on the edge of my seat from start to finish, thank you for this awesome horror creation! Highly recommend P.S it is terrifying! 

Please please please make a mac zip! I love these types of games and I feel like others might also need a mac zip. 

A real horror house. If it were any more realistic looking....damn good stuff.

if this was on the console it would be amazing 

I try out Contemp and all I can say is F*ing well done man. This is a fantastic game and puts you in a really creepy environment. 

i feel bad b/c i actually forgot if i posted this link or not, and like i just want to. anyway, loved the game and how it always made me what to crap myse;f :0

I really liked the atmosphere and ambiance of the game, but there was one major problem: You put way too much work on the atmosphere and too little work on the actual gameplay, so the game is short and laggy. But other than that, this game was interesting! =D

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God damn was this a well designed game. Music and sound was on point, there were very little "jump scares" and it was more atmospheric and tense. Absolutely loved this and would urge anyone to play it. 

this game was really really awesome to play! details 10/10, ambience 10/10, overall gameplay 10/10! really good job on creating this game! :D 

Really great horror experience! Amazing to look at! Great sound design! Which all ties together to create a really tense unnerving experience! Really well made game!

p.s I may have been scared by some jackets....

Love you guys! The Dukez 💙

Was very creepy and atmospheric hope to see something more of this game in the future.

Got lost a little but also spooked, great game!

Man! This game was truly terrifying. As someone mentioned, it gave off a very nice PT vibe, and we can only imagine what this game is like on VR! Very nice graphics and overall feel of the game.

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