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This was superb and so SO Tense!

Thanks for making us jump.

Short but really good.

I really enjoyed the sound effects

My girlfriend got pretty scared! Take a look...i'm italian!

For being a short Indie Horror game this was pretty creepy. For starters I wouldn't go in an abandoned house by myself. The house had the RE7 feel to it which made the game even better...good job man, I look forward to future games. 

Really, really love the atmosphere of your game. It's so rad.

Really enjoyed playing the game. I'm a sucker for horror, and I wasn't disappointed in the end of the game! 

This game is so good! I loved the aesthetic and the design of the house. It really drew me into the game! Great job!

most creepy game out of the three i played for sure! really added to the video! I love the graphics, extremely immersive and the sounds are extremely effective, especially to say you didn't create them yourself! very creepy jump scare, but even without that jumpscare, the atmosphere was so immersive it was perfect!

Thanks for making this game, i'd love to see more! Possibly a longer version ;)

This game is beautiful, the atmosphere is great and building up the suspense is great and rarely seen by these days overall great job!

This was a fantastic and beautiful game, just wish it was a little longer!!  We encountered a glitch on our playthrough tho. 


Good God, congrats on the sound design.


Lmfao wonderful game and i was waiting for something to jumpscare me the whole time


I hate playing horror games so .... why not do a horror game series on youtube? Seems like a good idea,  see me get really scared!! :)

I'm a little late to the party, but still enjoyed my experience with Contemp. It definitely has effort put into it trying to spook the player through the environment. With so much darkness present, I kept expecting to turn a corner and have a face staring at me, which is a quality I like in a horror game. It's good to make the player spook themselves.

Good job on this.

Hello Micaka, i'm projecting and developing a game similar... i've a purpose for you, can u add me on facebook?

Thanks BB

NonVR playthrough:

The leaves fall a bit too slowly.
Since it might take some time to actually notice the shed, you could have a noise set on a tigger/timer, that shifts the player's attention on the shed.
While you hear a windchime, it is nowhere to be seen, which could break immersion you need to build at the beginning.
Similarly the clock in the kitchen and livingroom could be animated (and if the second hand is just "stuck" flicking at the same location, indicating low battery)
An unlock/close sound for the door would also be great.
Inside the house, the moths wouldn't fly around the lamps, as long they off.
Upstair wardrobe door clips into the racks and clothes behind when opening, same for the door in the attic leading to the narrow corridor. 
Sound attenuation of the sound recorder upstairs needs adjustment, since looking around might mute it.
Overall really great atmosphere and very enjoyable :D

it felt like i was in a dream or some sort :D

This game was awesome. I'm really looking forward to more. Thanks for creating this game! Keep it up

Im still trying lol idk what i did but now my text looks like this and idk how to fix it lol XD.

Awwwww it wont work for me :"( but it still looks really good and cool i hope that maybe and can get it to work and then play it but im new to this lol.

Idk how to get it to work yet but it looks GREAT!!!!!! and when i learn how to make it work it will be even better!!!!!!.


Loved this! It was very well done! I would definitely  play more games by this creator. 

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This is a really good game the graphics and sound effects are excellently made I really enjoyed my playthrough.

here's my playthrough: 

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Hello, I am Chad of Korean game broadcasting.
Can you broadcast the game?

It will be broadcast in Korean, not English. I would like to ask for permission before playing the game.  

Is my channel

Holy cow. Not only is the game pretty, but the sound design is just fabulous. There's never silence, just this faint white noise that makes you painfully aware of how quiet it is.

The graphics in this game were honestly amazing! I loved this short horror game! I could see a full horror game out of this! Good job! 

The look of this was AMAZING! Top quality work man!

This demo is twice as good as any full-release AAA title out there. Hope ya'll keep up the good work

1.Sin duda alguna es una de las mejores demos que he jugado!!!!


It's amazing!!

Are you planning to create a full version? I am really looking forward to it.

I've seen several youtubers play this and just love the environment. I'd love to see this get released on Mac so I can play it for myself.

This game looks astonishing! The ambience, the atmosphere, the tension, all well done. The only bad thing about it is that it's too short. There is no story, so I added my own :p

Amazing short HORROR GAME!!! Love the ambient and everything is very well detailed!

I had a lot of fun with the game. It crashed a few times but I was able to get a full playthrough. There was a lot of atmosphere and moments of tension, which I appreciate. I can't wait to see a full game! 

I kinda hoped that there was a bit more scares and story put into the game considering the game was leaning a bit more on the walking sim side of the horror genre. That said, I liked the game and how well polished it was for being a specialized project. 

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Very spooky atmosphere. Well done. Just wish it was longer, I had a lot of fun playing it! 

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I loved it, Kept me spooked all the way through, great job!!!!!

I really wish there were more heavy scares in this game, but I understand for it just being a tech demo in a way. I hope we see more from you. You got the looks down on what makes a scary atmosphere, now its time for some story! 

Hello ghost busters! I played this game where the suspense killed me throughout the entire thing! Ghosts are scary man! 

I'm having a problem with the game's visuals. At first, I see a path to a house, but as soon as I try to move the view, all goes black. I can hear my character walking, but can only see flashes of green and white light.

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