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The game was a lot of fun! I wish the ending had a little better of an explanation, but I guess leaving it to the players mind works well in this situation. I made a video on it if you'd like to see my reaction to the end, great job!

I did a YouTube video on this, great game!

Great Graphics , and great atmosphere bro, I loved all and every detail you added, I would love to see assets from your work be sold for unity3d, I would gladly buy your assets, regards.

Way too scary.... But it was really fun to play :D

The ambience in this game is like nothing I've ever seen before. Nice job!

Tried out your wonderful game here is a link to the vid if interested . Wonderfully suspensful :)

I made a let's play of the whole game, and it's SCARY

oooooooooooooooooooooooooghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooo f*ck nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I am Japanese. I can not understand English well. But this game is very funny and scary! Thank you very much!

That was funny and creepy for me. Especially because I was playing at night and at this time I must be quet :D Really like this game!

Gotta say these are the best graphics I have ever seen... And I don't mean for an indie game, I mean ever. Mindblowing detail.


So.... You think you can kick me out of the house, G-ma ? And expect me, Blackfist, not to return ? Then you attack me when I offer to take you to drug rehab... THEN you die of an overdose, and haunt my fuc*ing house.... F*CK YOU G-MA ! 

I just played this freaky game on my channel!  XD  Gotta say, it was one of the best! Check out my funny moments here:

P.S. to the dev... thanks for not making this game brutally disgusting. You freaked me out... with no sight of blood or gore!  :D  I love ya!

Nice gamea bit scary, just way too short id like to see more from this game :)


Done a playthrough of the game, i Love it !!! i wish it was a little longer tho

I love this game so much I had to make two videos of it for my channel lol. Here are some of my favorite reactions of other folks who have played:

First horror game i have played in years! 10/10 would recommend 

3DTV  VR box  Google cardboard video side by side sbs

Thanks for making me NEARLY PISS MYSELF!! Haven't played an Indie Horror game THIS TERRIFYING in quite a while! Would have loved more gameplay, but for what it was, it definitely kicked serious ass! Is there a story? I might have been oblivious if there was as I was much more enticed with the tension & scare factor. The haunting/droning atmosphere sent chills down my spine and has eerie feelings seeping throughout my skin the entire time! Incredible game, and hope to see future projects! Thanks for creating this horrifying experience!

I would like to say that i enjoyed it... but the game and the atmosphere was too much for me :D Great game !!

Great game for how short it is, would lovea little more, and more from this creator. Thanks for making a great game. 


Hola amigos, absolutely loved this game!! Looking forword to more from this dev. Let me know what you amigos through of the video RESIDENT EVIL 2.0? | Contemp


Really Enjoyed this game and it scared the crap out of me!! I always taught i was decent with horror games but you sir scared me !!

Its also incredible that you built the whole thing yourself in 9 weeks! 

Good job and looking forward to seeing what you do in the future


I liked this game a lot! It would have been great if you did add something to read, so that we could understand better what is going on and maybe consider to make it more dark next time (less light).

 Good job and keep it up!


dare to watch it 



Realy liked the game but is`s short ir you are making any new projects please tell me : )


Holy Crap! I loved this game! The atmosphere was fantastic! Great job! Watch me play here! :)


This game has incredible graphics!! I'd say they're up there with Resident Evil!


So good! Graphics so great that I had to turn it down to record on my lolPC. Short and sweet!


Fantastic use of the engine. The environment looks spectacular, and reminds me of the Silent Hills P.T. demo. Not much interactivity in the environment besides a seemingly useless radio, so that was a downside. At first, I was scared that all effort was thrown into the graphics, and that the "meat" of the game would be lacking, but I was pleasantly spooped as the game went on. 

This felt like a demo, and from what your description said that's what it was. I'd like to see you work on a full-fledged horror game, because what you showed here was better than what I normally find on Gamejolt and Thanks for creating this, and I'll be watching out for your next game in the future!

Creepy as hell. I even needed to took breaks while playing. Great job with the atmosphere. The graphics look excellent and is scary as hell.

The only negative points I can think of is the lack of interactivity with the enviroment and the lack of story, but all in all, a great free indie horror game that gave me more of what I expected.

Great job :D

P.D: I noticed that you took inspiration of Resident Evil 7 and P.T in the best way possible.

I applaud you sir and your team.



Awesome game! So much potential! One of the best indie horror games in 2017!


Pretty solid shortie horror game! Was really impressed with the quality of it, considering the length. Gave me some pretty strong RE7 vibes (in a good way). Really hope we get to see more like this from the dev :)

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I loved this SO MUCH and I'm proud to make it my very first Free Game Friday! I really hope you make more, much longer games in the future.


Creepy, atmospheric, and beautiful to look at. Not a lot of meat on the bones, but what is there is absolutely wonderful. 


The game is short but and a big but goob well done game

I know Unreal Engine allows you to make Linux versions of the games, can you make a Linux version? I would love to test this game. :)


The surprise ending... hehehe


Great atmosphere and tension building in this demo. I'd love to see more! Here's a short playthrough I made with no commentary so you can enjoy the game without interuption!


Oh man, this was quite the subtle little heart-stopper! Atmospherically it's fantastic, everything looks so damn gorgeous (ironic, considering the dilapidated environment). The scares are timed just right, and aren't overdone and the ending leaves me wanting a whole lot more!

This game has been cooked to perfection, loved every second! Also loved that you had the graphic altering options because boy my computer couldn't handle it at maximum capacity haha! Keep up the fantastic work! =)

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